YS-02 Classic Model


  Fuel Type  Wood/Coal
  Heating power kw   16  /   25
  Smoke Pipe Diameter    13 cm
  Boiler Inlet Outlet Pipe   R1''
  Fuel Capacity   10 kg
  Electricity   50 Hz. 220 V
  Pump Power   46-93 W
  Net Weight   125 kg
  Width/Depth/Height   46 x 65 x 127 cm




 Speedy  heating

 It contains , inner and outer,  two specially designed boilers. The inner boiler is contnually in  touch with ember coal, while the outer boiler is  connected with lower surface,  and the  chimney  pipe passing through it, is contacted with the air at uper heat. The larger the  surface of  water  couldrom connected with hot air, the more increased the productivity and  the heating speed are.


 It warms up your house with fuel expenses approximately equal to the normal stoves.  Even  meal  or tea can been cooked over it. It also provides hot water to bath and kitchen without  incurring  extra expenses.

 Parts  included

 a) Three stage soundless pump circulates water into  radiators.  Duely explained in diagram
 b) Pump thermostate
 c) Heat indicator and two bulbs are present. One shows the presence of the current and the      other  shows that the pump is functioning.
 d) Dilating boiler .

 Nature of  fuel 

 For good heatig, it needs dry dust-free coal of  minimum  6,000 k cal/kg, maximum 7,000  Kcal/kg  value.  Any type of solid fuel ( coal, wood, shellsi etc ) can be used



Solid Fuel Central Heating Stoves are the solid fuel stoves that burn wood and coal loaded in it from the top with the aid of lighters (such as kindling wood and paper) and then deliver the occurring heat energy to all cores and heats the other rooms by the courtesy of this feature and leave the waste gas to the air with the natural draft and through the chimney system.