401 Cookstove Model


  Fuel Type   Wood/Coal
  Heating power kw   16  /   25
  Smoke Pipe Diameter    13 cm
  Boiler Inlet Outlet Pipe   R1''
  Fuel Capacity   15 kg
  Electricity   50 Hz. 220 V
  Pump Power   46-93 W
  Net Weight   175 kg
  Width/Depth/Height   63 x 106 x 73 cm




Central Heating Stove with Fireplace is the system that burns woodand coal loaded in it with the

aid of lighters such as kindling wood and paper and then delivers the occurring heat to the water 

taking place within the boiler and conveys thesame to all points of the configuration. 

Central Heating Stove with Fireplace also convects from its surrounding.​This model also makes