QUESTION 1 : is YAKAR one storey central radiator heating system? What are its uses?
Resembling wit a stove in shape and working, it is a boiler of solid fuel ( wood or coal ) radiator central heating system. Generally in Anatolia, one stove warms only one single room. YAKAR radiator, with approximately same fuel expenses, warms all rooms and gives pure clean hot water from tabs.
QUESTION 2 : What is the hot water circulation sytsem of YAKAR radiating stove?
From these two hot water boilers., named as inner and outer boiler, temerature of heated water.increases and transferred to radiators with the help of soundless circulation pump.
QUESTION 3 : Where it is installed?
It can be installed either in a room, kitchen or covered balcon.
QUESTION 4 : Is there any risk of explosion of the boiler?
Is dilating boiler is used, there is no risk of congesion, hence no risk of exlosion of the boiler.
QUESTION 5 : How many radiators are put in the rooms?
It changes according to the weather and building isolation. Please consult Operation Guide.!
QUESTION 6 : How do you regulate the heat of a house?
With lower Air Butterfly and chimney pipes exit butterflies . ( in standard YS series ).
QUESTION 7 : How long does the hot water last?
The munispalty cold water entering into one point of the sprinkles which have been immesed into the outer boiler, trnsferred hot water to ttabs. You can take hot water till the warmth of radiator exist..
QUESTION 8 : Ne tip yakıt kullanmalıyız What kind of fuel is used?
Dry dust free coals of 6.000-7.000 Kcal/ h capacity in the size of orange or nuts and mast like woods are advised